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One of Northeast Wisconsin’s only sources for dried certified organic corn

Hi there! We’re the Irish Family and we own Red Wagon Farms, a certified organic farm in scenic northern Wisconsin.

We are surrounded by forestland, making our crops more protected from cross pollination creating a desirable location for organic seed production.   In addition to organic seed production we grow organic corn for dairy farms and food processors. We currently farm 260 acres and have the ability to dry and store up to 1 million pounds of grain per year.

Red Wagon Farms is USDA Certified Organic through Nature’s International Certification Service. Our farm undergoes annual inspections and has open farm records showing 100% compliance with the organic requirements.

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we are accidental farmers

After years of living in the city, my wife and I had an opportunity to purchase an older farm that required some definite elbow grease but was located on a beautiful piece of property. Being country kids ourselves, it was our desire to move our young family (4 kids at the time) to a place that was quiet and scenic where our kids could have some of the same experiences that we did as children. Little did we know this decision would affect a large part of our livelihood.

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